• Hydro-static Pipeline Testing 
  • Heating water in tanks
  • Heating water in pits/ponds
  • Heating water in C-rings
  • Heat other fluids through coil
  • Slip stream heating                                                                                                                                                                               

Skid Specifications:

  • 25’ x 8’ Engineered Skid
  • ” A106 grade B coil feed Off of 4” header manifold c/w Thermo-finned tubing
  • 4” manifold system Off of rear skid c/w blow down air lines
  • 6” Inlet & Outlet Lines With 6” Bypass line (Globe Valve/Slipstream Valve)
  • Compressor (DV 5HP)
  • 230V 30AMP Twist Lock w/150’ plug in Cable
  • Work Lights Mounted Around Unit
  • 30lb Propane Tank Mounted

Trailer Specifications:

  • Tri-Axle Trailer Propane or natural gas (propane equivalent)
  • Unit is mounted on a heavy duty drop deck
  • Tri-Axle trailer
  • 75,000 LB Watson Chalin air ride suspension

Burner Specifications: 

  • Rush LPG fired updraft type burner
  • Conversion for natural gas operations
  • 35,000,000 BTU input
  • Direct spark ignition
  • Stainless steel burner tips

Fuel Storage Tank Specifications: 

  • 2865 gallon LPG tank DOT MC331 with CRN
  • Shut-off valves & in-line filters located on driver’s side for easy access & maintenance
  • Electric driven blackmer propane pump

Control Panel Specifications:

  • Watlow Series 93 temperature controller to monitor outlet temperature & high temperature shutdown
  • Two low flow safety switches to shut-down burner if water flow is lost
  • Work light switches including indicator lights

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