Apex Well Servicing Inc.

Our Company

Our Mission

To provide efficient and high-quality service for the oilfield in multiple applications while continually growing and improving our people, equipment, safety & environmental practices.

Our Vision

Our Vision is in our name - “Apex"! We continually move forward with the goal to be the best well-servicing provider in a multitude of services focused into 4 divisions. Our strength is in the diversity of our product line, knowledgeable staff and bases strategically positioned throughout North America.

About Us

Welcome to Apex Well Servicing, your premier choice for efficient and high-quality oilfield services in Alberta and Western Canada. As a 100% Canadian-owned well-servicing company founded in 2008 and headquartered in Slave Lake, we take immense pride in supporting the surrounding communities and families while striving to be the number one energy service provider. 


We specialize in providing a full range of service equipment, including service rigs, rod rigs, hot oilers, continuous rod, pressure pumping, and super heaters, all expertly maintained and purpose-built to cater to your specific needs. Our experienced and professional staff is dedicated to building strong customer relationships, delivering excellence in every project we undertake.


We can assist you from the completion to the workovers to the abandonment of the well, ensuring reliable service throughout every stage of its life cycle. Trust Apex Well Servicing to optimize the performance of your wells, making them productive again and driving success in the oil and gas industry.

Our Service Areas

Fort Liard

Pink Mountain

Fort St.John

Dawson Creek

Grande Prairie

Rainbow Lake

Seal Lake

Red Earth

Fort Mcmurray


Slave Lake






High Prairie



Drayton Valley












Medicine Hat




North Dakota

Our Commitment to ESG

At Apex Well Servicing, we are committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and practices, recognizing the importance of responsible and sustainable operations in the oil and gas industry. Our commitment is deeply embedded in every aspect of our business, reflecting our dedication to minimizing our environmental footprint, fostering positive social impacts, and upholding strong governance practices.


From implementing eco-friendly technologies to fostering meaningful community relationships, our ESG commitment propels us to make a positive difference. We believe that through responsible actions, we can build a sustainable future for all.

Build More Than a Career. Build Relationships.

Apex Well Servicing offers exciting career opportunities that exceed the industry standard. We take pride in offering wages higher than our competitors and surpassing CAODC pay rates. Additionally, we believe in recognizing and rewarding hard work, providing retention bonuses to our dedicated team members. Our commitment to the well-being of our employees extends further with the provision of RRSPs, ensuring a secure financial future.


Joining Apex means becoming part of a vibrant team culture where collaboration, support, and camaraderie thrive. We are constantly on the lookout for passionate individuals who share our vision and want to make a difference in the oil and gas industry. Whether you’re an experienced professional or someone looking to start a fulfilling career, Apex offers the perfect environment for personal and professional growth.

How We Put
Safety First

At Apex Well Servicing, safety is our top priority. We place a strong emphasis on rigorous safety protocols, extensive training, and advanced equipment to ensure a secure work environment for our team, clients, and the surrounding communities.